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Fitness & Wellbeing for Women


Hello, my name is Caroline. I'm an outdoor women's fitness & wellbeing coach and personal trainer based in Chiswick, west London. I specialise in pre- and postnatal strength and recovery with a special interest in helping you come back from physical and mental setbacks. Think diastasis, prolapse, hernias, stress incontinence and postnatal anxiety and depression. I run group classes and 1-1 sessions outdoors all year round as I'm a firm believer in the healing power of nature, fresh air and vitamin D. Working with me means holistic and functional health while connecting you to our lovely local community.


Mondays: 9.30am Buggyfit (Barnes Green)

Mondays: 11am Buggyfit (Turnham Green)

Tuesdays: 10am Buggyfit (Ravenscourt Park)

Wednesdays: 9.30am Buggyfit (Chiswick House & Gardens)

Fridays: 9am Strength + conditioning (Ravenscourt Park)

Saturdays: 9.30am Forest Bootcamp (Chiswick House & Gardens)

>>>Prenatal Fitness and Walk & Talk for new mums wil be back in January 2022.

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Personal Training

I'm a holistic coach and personal trainer so you will get a lot more from our sessions than my counting reps and sets. I'm highly knowledgeable around the pre-and postpartum body and will always guide you to the best of my abilities. Having a PT and coach who is solely focused on you feels great and usually means you achieve your goals faster. Become stronger. Become pain-free. Work on your mobility. Improve your stamina. Increase your strength. Email me for a FREE 30-min consultation to discuss your goals. I currently have a few spaces left so grab your spot and start 2021 on a better footing. £55-£70 per session

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Want to safely restore and strengthen your postnatal body, breathe fresh air and meet other local mums? Then Buggyfit is the right class for you. From 6 weeks postpartum. Smiles, free creche & vitamin D guaranteed!

Mondays at 9.30am (Barnes Green)

Mondays at 11am (Turnham Green)

Tuesdays at 10am (Ravenscourt Park)

Wednesdays at 9.30am (Chiswick House & Gardens)

*Pre-booking essential* 


Forest Bootcamp

A challenging 60-minute circuit class set in the middle of the forest! Full-body workout using battle ropes, boxing moves, logs, TRX and weights. Low-impact exercise options always offered to those who need them. If you're newly postnatal, start with Buggyfit and work your way up to my HIIT and/or Boxercise class before trying this one. 

When: Saturdays at 9.30am

Where: Chiswick House and Gardens

*Pre-booking essential* 

Fitness for future mothers

Prenatal Fitness

I'm a firm believer in attending a specific antenatal class when you are pregnant. This is a full-body class that mixes strength with Pilates. We safely get you strong(er) and reduce aches and pains, with a special focus on the areas of the body that get progressively weaker during pregnancy. We also avoid moves that are not recommended and there are alternatives for common aches such as pelvic girdle pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

When: Tuesday 12 and 19 October at 6.30pm

Where: High Road Studio, 129 Chiswick High Road

*Pre-booking essential* 

I'm hoping to continue this class indoors throughout winter - email me for more details hello@mamaste-fitness.com


Strength + conditioning

A 45-minute full-body class that uses resistance bands to build overall strength and endurance. By becoming stronger and more supple, you'll enjoy mumhood and menopause so much more! Harder than Buggyfit, easier than Forest Bootcamp. From 6 months postpartum.

When: Fridays at 9am

Where: Ravenscourt Park

*Pre-booking essential* 

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A women's only outdoor Boxercise class! Mix boxing moves with full-body fitness and you're onto a winning combo. From 6 months postpartum as the intensity of this class is higher than Buggyfit. Bring your baby or come with a friend!

*Boxercise returns in 2022*


” I genuinely think all mums would benefit from buggyfitting after having a baby – mentally and physically – and having now trained with Caroline, it’s very clear that she is qualified and sensitive to the best and safest way to gets new mums fit and strong again.”

Joanne, mum of 2


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