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Hello, my name is Caroline. I'm a Swedish outdoor Personal Trainer based in west London and a pre- & postnatal specialist. I'm also a mum of two daughters and a lover of fitness & nature. Why train with me? You get a healthy dose of Scandinavian pragmatism and workouts that are FUNCTIONAL, FUN AND OUTDOORS.


🔥£40/personal training session during the third lockdown: Get stronger and healthier, boost your immune system and build your resilience.

Email me to sign up: hello@mamaste-fitness.com


Online Buggyfit on Thursdays at 1-2pm. Click on the button below to sign up.

Are you a working mum? Read my blog on how to homeschool and work during lockdown 3.0.

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Personal Training

Sometimes you just need a helping hand. Having a PT and coach who is solely focused on you feels great and usually means you achieve your goals faster. Become stronger. Become pain-free. Work on your mobility. Improve your stamina. Increase your strength. Email me for a FREE 30-min consultation to discuss your goals. I currently have a few spaces left so grab your spot and start 2021 on a better footing.

>>Current offer: £40/session during lockdown 3.0



A women's only outdoor Boxercise class! Mix boxing moves with full-body fitness and you're onto a winning combo. From 6 months postpartum as the intensity of this class is higher than Buggyfit. Bring your baby!

*Boxercise returns after lockdown 3.0 is over and government restrictions allow it*



Want to safely restore and strengthen your postnatal body, breathe fresh air and meet other local mums? Then Buggyfit is the right class for you. From 6 weeks postpartum. Smiles, free creche & vitamin D guaranteed!

Online (Zoom): Thursdays at 1-2pm

*The outdoor classes resume once lockdown 3.0 is over and government restrictions allow them*


Forest Bootcamp

A challenging circuit class set in the middle of the forest! Full-body workout using bodyweight, boxing moves, logs, TRX and weights. Low-impact exercise options always offered to those who need them. If you're newly postnatal, start with Buggyfit and work your way up to my HIIT and/or Boxercise class before trying this one. 

When: Saturdays at 9.30-10.30am

Where: Chiswick House and Gardens

*This class kicks off as soon as lockdown 3.0 is over and government restrictions allow it*



A full-body 30-min workout - cardio on Tuesdays and light weights on Thursdays. 10 exercises x 2 sets will get your heart rate up and get you fit. Work smarter not harder! From 6 months postpartum.

*This class is currently taking a break while I'm homeschooling my children*


” I genuinely think all mums would benefit from buggyfitting after having a baby – mentally and physically – and having now trained with Caroline, it’s very clear that she is qualified and sensitive to the best and safest way to gets new mums fit and strong again.”

Joanne, mum of 2


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