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Fitness & Wellbeing for West London Mums


Hello, my name is Caroline. I'm an outdoor Fitness Coach for Mums and founder of Mamaste Fitness. I'm based in Chiswick, west London, and specialise in pre- and postnatal physical & mental strength. I run 1-1 coaching sessions and group classes outdoors all year round as I'm a big believer in the healing power of nature, fresh air and vitamin D. Throw in a wonderful community of local mums and you have the perfect recipe for good health.

GROUP CLASSES (from 4 June 2022)

MONDAYS: 9.30am Buggyfit (Barnes Green), 11am Buggyfit (Turnham Green)

TUESDAYS: 10am Buggyfit (Ravenscourt Park)

WEDNESDAYS: 6.30pm Boxercise

(Ravenscourt Park)

FRIDAYS: 9am Strength + conditioning (Ravenscourt Park)

SATURDAYS: 9.30am Forest Bootcamp (Chiswick House)

PS. I give modifications for diastasis recti, prolapse, hernias, stress incontinence and pelvic girdle pain in my classes.

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1-1 Fitness Coaching

I'm a highly specialised pre- and postnatal personal trainer and NLP coach. Together, we work on your mindset, physical fitness including postnatal recovery and nutritional needs. Email me for a FREE 30-min consultation to discuss your goals. £60-£75 per session. Currently available in Chiswick and Ravenscourt Park areas only due to limited availability.

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Outdoor group classes

From Buggyfit to Forest Bootcamp, and Boxercise to Strength & Conditioning, come and join me and other lovely local mums in your local park for tailored, effective and fun exercises. **Click on the link to view the current timetable and to book your spot. Pre-booking essential.**

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NLP Coaching

Would you like to lead a healthier life but don't know how? Or perhaps you've been trying to lose weight for years but can't seem to figure out what is standing in your way? Why not try NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) where we use tried & tested tools and techniques to uncover what thoughts and feelings might be standing in your way of positive action. **Currently only available online via Zoom.**


” I genuinely think all mums would benefit from buggyfitting after having a baby – mentally and physically – and having now trained with Caroline, it’s very clear that she is qualified and sensitive to the best and safest way to gets new mums fit and strong again.”

Joanne, mum of 2


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