About Me

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Hello and welcome to Mamaste Fitness & Buggyfit Chiswick! My name is Caroline and the founder of Mamaste Fitness. I'm an outdoor Fitness Coach for Mums. What does that mean I hear you say? It means I take my coaching as well as personal training skills and put them together in a beautiful outdoor setting to bring about some amazing physical and mental changes in YOU. 


I am a nature lover and fitness fanatic since birth (pretty much), and also a mum of daughters. I love working with mums as their bodies are highly complex and often undergo dramatic change (some good, some less so) during pregnancy and childbirth. 

My aim is to provide mums with functional, safe and effective full-body exercises so that their bodies heal from the inside out. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs since becoming a mum, including diastasis (abdominal gap), incontinence, postnatal depression and a couple of hernias thrown in for good measure!

My passion is to bring mums together to exercise and feel physically and mentally better about themselves after having a baby. This could be a few months or a few years afterwards - once postnatal, always postnatal.

I run group postnatal fitness classes (outdoors and online) or 1-1 coaching sessions for mums who would prefer a tailor-made session.​

I am a work in progress which makes me more empathetic to new mums and I use a nurturing yet fun approach.

I also have a good understanding of the pressures of being a working mum, having worked in the corporate sector throughout most of my career.

Having grown up in Sweden, where beautiful pine forest and lakes abound, I’m a big fan of exercising outdoors. All that fresh air and vitamin D do us all a world of good and I certainly need it for my mental health. This is why I like to train outdoors all year around and encourage you to do the same!

My qualifications:

📷 Andreea Tufescu