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Latest news - December 2021

Appreciating your inner strength and resilience

I hope you're having a wonderful and festive December so far. At this time of the year, we often feel lethargic and it can be tempting to spend the whole day inside. Often, this can make us feel worse. Here are my top (Scandinavian) tips for surviving the dark days of winter:

1. Get outside first thing in the morning for daylight and fresh air - for body and mind. This sets the tone for the rest of the day. The weather doesn’t matter - just make sure you dress for it. Go for a walk with a friend. Grab a coffee and the baby/child/dog. Let the cold air invigorate you! 

2. Exercise outdoors throughout winter. In west London, we are lucky to have many beautiful parks on our doorstep as well as the river so just get out there and move your body in any way that feels good. Once you’ve warmed up, you won’t notice the cold.

3. Create a cosy interior - think hygge. In Scandinavia, we light lots of candles to bring light during the darker winter months and to also use the darkness as a positive reason to create more cosines indoors. By the end of it, all you’ll want to do is curl up on your favourite sofa and read a good book (after that brisk walk, of course!).

4. Reserve certain activities especially for the darker months so that they become more special. I tend to read a lot more book and play the piano and chess during winter. Cerebral activities love nothing but a cold and dark night to flourish!

5. Use this time to reflect and re-charge - just like nature does - so that when spring arrives, you are ready to shine once again.

Forest Bootcamp Oct 2021.jpg

Latest news - March 2021

Meet your Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

I'm already a qualified pre- and postnatal fitness specialist and coach. However, this area is complex and every woman is different so the only way to be able to help them is to keep learning. I am therefore so grateful for US-based Dr Sarah Duvall turning her amazing, in-depth knowledge of women’s health into an online course that personal trainers and physios all over the world can access. And I'm now one of her qualified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialists.

If any of the below resonate, get in touch with me for a free consultation to see if I can help:

  • Do you want to reduce common aches & pains during pregnancy such as lower back pain, swelling, leg cramps or pelvic girdle pain?

  • Do you want to safely strengthen your body during pregnancy and after birth?

  • Are you concerned about diastasis recti - pre- or postnatally and want to work with a trainer who understands how to prehab or rehab you holistically?

  • Are you wondering how you can safely train in the presence of pelvic floor dysfunction - from stress incontinence to prolapse?

  • Do you have a hernia and are unsure which exercises can make it better/worse?

I'm a big proponent of staying physically active during and after pregnancy, however your standard fitness class is often not suitable. Working with a qualified trainer, you will work on your breathing, posture and body alignment during appropriate exercises, reps and sets for your stage of pregnancy and postpartum. The HOW is really important during this time so do train smart, rather than hard.  


Latest news - February 2021

We've made it through January!

In the snow Jan 2021.jpg

We celebrated the end of January with a mini family disco in the kitchen on Friday evening which reminded me of how much I love music and dancing, and frankly just letting my hair down for a couple of hours. I don't know about you but I'm definitely going dancing with my girlfriends once this is all over. January was always going to be a tough month to be in lockdown but we've done it and hopefully the longer days and bulbs of spring will help us get through February. 

Remember that although we are all in the same storm, we aren’t necessarily in the same boat. Whether it’s being with a baby 24/7 without respite, a loss of income, working late into the night, being furloughed but worrying about not having a job to return to, homeschooling, waiting for yet another postponed round of IVF, or the additional pressures that come with being a single mum, your situation may look quite different to that of your friends or neighbours so please be kind.

I will continue to run one postnatal fitness (Buggyfit) class online during lockdown on Thursdays at 1-2pm. I've lowered the price to £6/class (£5/class if you sign up to multiple) so hopefully that will encourage some more of you to join. Click to sign up.

Many mums don’t do enough basic core restore exercises after birth but then jump into harder exercises before their body is ready. This is where they might find that one part of their body is holding them back; you are after all only as strong as your weakest link. Buggyfit is designed to rebuild the postnatal body and also bridge the gap so that you can safely return to stronger classes further down the line.

I really miss seeing all of you in the park and I know the fresh air and chats with the other mums are a big drawcard of Buggyfit. However, there are many benefits to working out online (hello pjs, bye bye rain) so join me and let's keep the local Buggyfit community going.

My 1-1 outdoor personal training sessions are still allowed to continue so if an individualised programme would be helpful to you, don't hesitate to get in touch. I always offer a free no-obligations consultation ahead of a session so that I can find out about your goals or pain points to determine whether I can help you. Here is what one of my PT clients, Chloe, has to say about our sessions:

"Top notch, personalised training - I can’t recommend Caroline highly enough. She has helped me recover post injury / surgery brilliantly, tailoring my workouts to my ability each week. I’ve been able to see real progress in a short space of time thanks to her skill and attention."

Latest news - January 2021

Another year, another lockdown

Christmas eve 2020.jpg

Happy new year!

A new year is a great time to reflect on what has worked well and what hasn't so that you can make some tweaks for the next year. I'm not a big fan of setting huge goals, however I do believe in setting positive intentions. In my case, it's about letting go of a number of things that caused stress and anxiety in 2020 and holding onto the many smaller things that made the year so special.

A wonderful yoga teacher I know talks a lot about cultivating a deeper spiritual yoga and meditation practice in the face of external challenges that are outside of our control. I couldn't agree more with this: if we are able to take a step back and gain perspective, calm, kindness and resilience in the current circumstances, then we are all the richer for it regardless of what happens to us.

So this is the mindset that I'm adopting as I head into another period of homeschooling my children. As a result, there will only be one online Buggyfit class each week on Thursdays at 1pm until further notice.

If you would prefer an outdoor 1-1 session, please get in touch as spaces are limited. £40/60 minutes in January.

Crazy Caroline Oct 2020.jpg

Latest news - November 2020

Lockdown 2.0 update

I'm very sad to announce that outdoor group exercise classes (including Buggyfit and Boxercise) are not allowed to continue during this second lockdown. I know how important Buggyfit in particular is to new mums' mental wellbeing as well as postnatal recovery. So I have created TWO SPECIAL LOCKDOWN 2.0 OFFERS to help mums stay healthy and active during the next FOUR WEEKS:

🔥£40/classes: Unlimited online classes for four weeks which include Buggyfit (postnatal fitness with resistance band), Women's Boxercise, full-body HIIT and HIIT with weights.

🔥£40/1-1 session: Personal Training sessions in the park to work on your specific goals or simply help you get fitter, faster and stronger. You can double up with a friend for a 2-1 online session.

Email me to sign up:

"I can’t recommend Caroline and her sessions enough. I began them approximately three months after my second child, and really wish I’d begun them after the first! Her knowledge, passion and good humour make for fun sessions which are differentiated to provide great levels of challenge, taking into account the needs of each individual. I love getting my sweat on in these classes and am so grateful Caroline is running them virtually during this pandemic." - Deborah Mary, mum of 2

Latest news - October 2020

Buggyfit is coming to Ravenscourt Park!

I'm excited to announce that I'll be setting up a regular weekly Buggyfit class in Ravenscourt Park (term-time only), starting Tuesday 6 October at 10-10.45am.

As with my Chiswick classes, this class is suitable for mums who are at least 6 weeks postpartum. You can expect a low-impact, full-body workout that strengthens your pelvic floor and heals any abdominal separation (diastasis recti). Meet other lovely local mums and babies while breathing in fresh air and strengthening your immune system.

"Buggyfit is amazing! I would highly recommend it to any mum. Exercise post pregnancy is a little daunting but Caroline is so knowledgeable and very welcoming. I always leave feeling energised and happy! I really look forward to my weekly outdoor exercise." - Angela, mum of 2

Turnham Green Buggyfit photo.jpg
Amelia and Mummy Greece 2020.JPG

Latest news - September 2020

Happy 1st anniversary to Buggyfit Chiswick!

After changing careers and re-training as a personal trainer and pre- and postnatal fitness coach a year ago, I took on a Buggyfit licence in Chiswick. If I had known that ahead of me awaited the wettest winter in years, two failed hernia repair surgeries AND a global pandemic, I may have re-considered. But, the thing that has stood out for me this year is that I FINALLY LOVE MY JOB! That’s not a bad thing to be able to say at the age of 43 :)

For my Buggyfit mums this autumn, we'll be focusing on good breathing and correct posture as these are two areas that will transform your postnatal body - from relieving back pain to healing a diastasis and reducing downward pressure on the pelvic floor.

There are both outdoor and online classes available to suit everyone (term-time only). If this is your first class with me, I'll ask you to complete a health questionnaire so that I can get to know you better.

Boxercise and HIIT (both suitable from 6+ months postpartum) will be back after October half-term as I'm currently recovering from my third umbilical hernia surgery. And from January 2021 there will be a new Forest Bootcamp on Saturday mornings (for mums and dads!).

I'm also hoping to launch a pre-natal class in the near future so watch this space!

"I believe all mums would benefit from buggyfitting after giving birth!" - Joanne, mum of 2

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