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Forest Bootcamp

Get fitter faster in the forest - for all women!

Forest Bootcamp launched in April 2021 and is my ultimate class! The combination of full-body exercises that suit women, fun equipment, fresh air and a fantastic local community of mums make this class 100% feel-good for body and mind. We work hard but we chat and have fun as well!

Bootcamp is a circuit-style HIIT class that uses:




FREE WEIGHTS (kettlebells & dumbbells)



and more.


Set in the middle of the forest, you will get an intense full-body workout that will leave you feeling physically and mentally great. Low-impact options always offered to those who need them. Fresh air, vitamin D and the grounding elements of nature; I can guarantee that you will become addicted to your weekly dose of this.

When: Saturdays at 9.30-10.30am

Where: Chiswick House and Gardens

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