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Boxercise for West London Mums

Get fit and reduce stress

I believe everyone - young or old - can benefit from Boxercise! It gets you super fit while learning a new skill (boxing moves) and makes you concentrate hard. In short, it's incredibly empowering, and even more so for women and girls!

Over the summer I taught Boxercise to a group of young teenagers and seeing them grow in confidence each week was fantastic! This is the feedback from Lucy, one of the mums:

"Thank you Caroline! Training sessions always perfectly tailored to the right level of challenge. They always felt fun - Caroline manages to strike the perfect balance of being friendly while not letting you get away with any slacking!"

A typical Boxercise class works your entire body while getting your heart rate up and your core will improve tremendously. One of the benefits of a women's Boxercise class is that I offer low-impact alternatives.

>>Boxercise is now on a break. Email me to stay up to date.

📷 Andreea Tufescu

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