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Postnatal Fitness & Wellbeing

Buggyfit Chiswick is part of the well-known postnatal fitness brand, Buggyfit. Since 2003, it has been helping thousands of mums regain strength and mobility after giving birth. It is run by qualified pre- and postnatal trainers like me so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Buggyfit workouts are pelvic-floor safe and help you to regain core strength as well as heal any abdominal separation (diastasis recti).

If you are about to try a Buggyfit class for the first time, here is what you can expect:

️-Demonstration of good breathing technique

-Focus on correct posture and body alignment throughout the exercises

️-Pelvic floor exercises

️-A long warm-up to activate the whole of the posterior chain ie your back body including the calves, hamstrings, glutes and main back muscles, and your deeper abdominals 

-️Exercises to open up your chest and mobilise your mid-back (both common areas of tightness in new mums)

️-A full-body low-impact workout using your body weight as well as a resistance band

️-Cool-down and stretch to help you relax and recover faster

More than anything, Buggyfit is about building a community of mums who come together to move their bodies, share baby tips or ask for advice while having fun. This is one of the best classes you can do as a new mum - looking after your physical and mental health - so that you can look after your baby.

You can learn more about the national Buggyfit brand here.

Buggyfit classes run twice a week during term-time:

Mondays at 11am (Acton Green)

Tuesdays at 10am (Ravenscourt Park)



Women's health physios:

Tracey Matthews and team at White Hart Clinic

Caroline Wright and Josie Mitchell at Hogarth Centre

Jade Rodham at Chiswick Physio

Mummy MOT - Maria Elliott and Tara Scott at One Body Clinic

Marta Kinsella at Beyond Health

NCT practitioner:

Claire Maguire at Babies with Claire

Baby massage/baby yoga/sling support:

Caroline Barber at West London Babies

Breastfeeding support:

Rachel Bryant at Chiswick Breastfeeding Support

Chiswick Children's Centre:

9 Devonshire Street, W4

Children's Wellness Centre:

A range of activities for children as well as speech therapy, therapy and nutrition


Caroline Lamont at Great In Great Out

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