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Mental health

Developing resilience and happiness as a new mum

⭐️ Come as you are ⭐️

When you're told this at the right time, it might be the most powerful sentence you'll ever hear. A good friend of mine said it to me when I was at my lowest point a few years ago, suffering from horrendous postnatal depression. And it made a world of difference to me at the time, knowing that I could show up as I was, despite feeling crap and being useless company. And this week, one of my clients said it as well: come as you are.

I don't find that there are enough places and spaces out there for new mums where we can show up just as we are. Groups and meet-ups that should and could be friendly and welcoming can turn into sessions where everyone is showing off all that they, or their baby, have achieved, instead of really tuning into how people are feeling and expressing any emotion that is coming up, whether good or bad.

With this in mind, I would like to set up a walk and talk group for new mums and their babies where we meet in a park, maybe go for a short walk and then sit under a tree and just hold the space for each other. There will be opportunities to share what's on your mind, or you can simply sit in silence.

Why am I offering this? I am a qualified NLP coach so I have a few tools to hand that may be helpful to you. But more importantly, I'm a mum who has gone through a lot of the things that you're possibly going through right now: the sleep deprivation, the overwhelm, the boredom and frustration that come with the many repetitive chores of motherhood, the anxiety and the depression, the stress and the guilt that come with returning to work, the challenges of being a stay-at-home mum. And I know from experience that having a safe space to turn up to, just as I am, is a big part of healing and moving forward, even if it's only taking baby steps.

If this would be helpful to you, feel free to email Caroline at hello@mamaste-fitness.com