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Are you ready to live your best life?

Discover how to put in place healthier habits for good

Are you stressed? Do you feel like life is running away from you and you're constantly on edge? Maybe you try your best to lead a healthy life - you eat well, exercise and get enough sleep - but you're still struggling to reach your health and wellbeing goals. Or maybe you've had a child (or two or three!) and have been neglecting your own health needs since and now feel ready for a coach to empower and motivate you to make some much-needed changes.

If this sounds like you, then it might be time to give NLP coaching (neuro-linguistic programming) a go.  I like to call it Mindset coaching as everything starts in the mind. In simple terms, it involves taking a closer look at what thought patterns, emotions and habitual actions/reactions govern your life today to see if there's a better way of being and doing things.

Unhelpful habits often start as a way to meet a physical or emotional need. Think of reaching for a box of chocolates when you're feeling tired, sad or stressed, or overeating when you're feeling lonely. This creates new neural pathways in the brain and is turned into a habit. Sometimes it's enough to break the habit by finding others ways to meet the physical or emotional need but often, we need some re-wiring of the brain in order to finally break the habit for good. 

Having suffered from severe postnatal anxiety and depression after the birth of both my daughters, I turned to NLP to help heal my frazzled mind. I later qualified as an NLP Practitioner (I'm also an NLP for Parents and NLP for Kids coach) to help others.

I now use NLP language and tools in all my 1-1s and group classes to encourage mums to find their inner strength, confidence and happiness in order to build healthier habits for life.

**Email me at or book a discovery call where we do a quick dive into your blockers to see if Mindset Coaching with me can help.**

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