Outdoor Group Classes for West London Mums

Fun & functional fitness tailor-made for the postnatal body

I provide safe, effective and fun full-body outdoor workouts in the beautiful parks of Barnes, Chiswick and Ravenscourt Park. I'm both highly qualified to teach fitness & wellbeing, and I'm also a mum myself so I know what it's like to feel achy, tired and emotionally drained. Join my lovely community of mums and start to feel better about yourself both physically and mentally.

"I can’t recommend Caroline and her sessions enough. I began them approximately three months after my second child, and really wish I’d begun them after the first! Her knowledge, passion and good humour make for fun sessions which are differentiated to provide great levels of challenge, taking into account the needs of each individual. I love getting my sweat on in these classes and am so grateful Caroline is running them virtually during this pandemic." - Deborah, mum of 2

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Buggyfit Barnes, Chiswick & Ravenscourt Park

Postnatal fitness and wellbeing

Full-body, low-impact workout using resistance bands (60 mins). Safely strengthen your core (including pelvic floor), glutes and more. Cardio, light strength and Pilates in one. From 6 weeks postpartum, modifications offered. Please bring your own mat/blanket and don't forget your baby! :)

Mondays: 9.30am (Barnes Green) and 11am (Turnham Green) 

Tuesdays: 10am (Ravenscourt Park)

*Pre-booking essential* 

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Forest Bootcamp

Get fitter faster in the forest

The perfect full-body circuit for women (60 mins) complete with boxing, weights, logs, battle ropes, slam ball, TRX and more. Set in the middle of the forest you will be surrounded by fresh air, vitamin D and the grounding elements of nature which will leave you feeling physically and mentally amazing. 

When: Saturdays at 9.30am (60 minutes)

Where: Chiswick House & Gardens

*Pre-booking essential* 

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Strength + Conditioning

Get stronger faster

A full-body class (45 mins) that builds overall strength and endurance. A mixture of bodyweight and resistance bands. Harder than Buggyfit, easier than Forest Bootcamp. Children always welcome.

When: Fridays at 9am (45 minutes)

Where: Ravenscourt Park

*Pre-booking essential* 

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Boxercise for Mums

HIIT class mixing fitness & boxing

A high-intensity, outdoor Boxercise class (45 mins) for mums who are at least 6 months postpartum. Get rid of stress and feel empowered while getting fitter and stronger. Perfect for working mums!

Wednesdays: 6.30pm (Ravenscourt Park)

*Pre-booking essential*

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