• Caroline

Being a work in progress

Several years ago a friend of mine told me that he would never start something (eg a hobby) unless he knew he would excel at it. I remember finding this a bit odd at the time and I also felt sorry for him as surely that would limit his potential list of hobbies (or work opportunities).

There was a time not too long ago when I would get frustrated at not getting better at things no matter how hard I tried. Now I try really hard to enjoy every step of the journey and give things the time they deserve. As my guitar tutor says, why should I be able to just pick up the guitar and easily strum some chords when others put in years of daily practice?

Learning to play an instrument and exercising have a lot in common: they both require consistent effort, time and dedication. And sometimes, even those things aren’t enough. I’ve been practising yoga regularly for 15 years and I still can’t get my legs to be straight in a tripod headstand. I still love it though and hope that I’ll keep practising it for many years to come. Because I’m definitely a work in progress 🙏

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