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Cultivating a spiritual practice to get you through lockdown

What do you do when things are outside of your control? Watch Netflix? Eat a box of chocolates? Drink a little bit too much red wine?

I did all of those during the Christmas holidays. Partly because I wanted to give myself a break, and partly because I craved comfort in an uncertain world. But it didn't take too long before it didn't feel so good anymore. Because even though binging on food or television provided great temporary joy, it also reminded me that those things don't provide nourishment in any sustainable way.

Cue yoga and meditation instead. As one of my lovely yoga teachers recently reminded me (and others): when things are outside of our control, it's even more important to grow our spiritual practice so that we can face any challenges with grace, strength and resilience. When I practise yoga and meditate regularly, I'm able to gain a much healthier perspective on life and its challenges. The first sign that I'm not doing it enough is that I'm reactive and overly emotional, getting pulled into unnecessary conflict and making unsound decisions. Conversely, when I feel more connected to my true self and core values, my energy, moods and decisions come from a grounded, authentic place.

I've definitely neglected my spiritual practice of late so yesterday evening (and ahead of homeschooling my children), instead of reaching for temporary comfort, I lit my aromatherapy candle and did yoga and meditation before going to bed. That provided me with enough motivation to face this cold and dreary week with energy and curiosity. I'm not making any big goal to keep it up in January but rather setting an intention to keep nourishing my body and soul in 2021 and beyond which is the only motivation I need to come back for more.

What is helping you tackle your challenges right now?

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