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Embracing outdoor exercise

This past week National Fitness Day took place in England. But as we say goodbye to the gorgeous Indian summer of late, you might find it a challenge to continue with a regular exercise regime, in particular the outdoor kind.

A couple of years ago I was struggling to find my balance in crow pose during yoga class when a wise teacher told me: ‘You cannot find the balance, you have to create it.’ This was an epiphany at the time and I still turn to it today. Some of my friends struggle to find time to exercise and I say to them: you have to MAKE the time. It’s a subtle shift in language but it’s powerful. We may not be in control of the state of the national affairs but there are still areas of our lives that we can control and exercise is definitely one of them.

Buggyfit operates outdoors in all weather (apart from in strong winds, when it becomes unsafe to use the park). We do more cardio and less matwork to keep you nice and warm during class. If you are able to make it out of the house, once you’ve warmed up you won’t feel the cold nor notice the odd drop of rain on your face (in fact, it feels great to work out in the rain!). Having said that, it does make a big difference to come prepared:

-Wear a warm jumper or fleece plus a waterproof top layer

-Bring an extra pair of dry socks for when the ground gets wet

-Hat and (waterproof) gloves are a must during autumn and winter

If your baby is still little and immobile, bring a few extra layers for them as they don’t work up the same amount of sweat as you do and we obviously want them to stay warm and cosy. Remember the Scandinavian proverb: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing."

On the topic of the outdoors, I am still hoping to run a postnatal yoga class with the wonderful Nicky McGinty in the coming weeks. However, unlike Buggyfit (or Boxercise), outdoor yoga is weather dependent so I will keep you posted if it goes ahead (currently most likely on Wednesday 7 October at Chiswick house and gardens).

Stay healthy and happy (and warm!) :)

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