• Caroline

Food is medicine!

Rehab starts with... good breathing, sleep/rest and good nutrition! As I’m recovering from my recent surgery, I thought it would be helpful to reiterate some of the things that make our bodies heal. 

Optimal breathing takes a bit of practice and sleep can be hard to come by if you’re a new mum but you definitely have to eat!

Two important food groups are proteins and fats but not just any kind. Choose nutritionally-dense food such as salmon (healthy fats ie omega 3), lentils and flax seed (good source of protein as well as fibre which helps to keep your gut moving, especially important after a C-section to avoid constipation) and avocado - a super food in its own right. 

It’s also helpful to combine food to aid absorption: for example broccoli contains vitamin C which helps your body to absorb the iron in spinach. If you are a red meat lover, add spinach to your steak. If you’re short of time, a mixed vegetable omelette or peanut butter on wholewheat toast both work well too.

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