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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I was meant to be on holidays in Florida right now. We go once a year to catch up with my husband's American family. Beautiful sunsets, daily dolphin-spotting and tasty food are guaranteed. Although I love the dry humour of the English, for two weeks a year I find the easy-going and friendly nature of Floridians a welcome relief from stressed-out Londoners 🙂

So it's been interesting watching some of the changes in London in recent weeks: people walking more slowly and mindfully, talking to each other rather than rushing past, eyes firmly on their phones. Hardly no cars or planes in the air, leaving the air we breathe so much cleaner.

If the lock-down had taken place in January, I would have probably struggled a lot more. Now, I'm finding myself savouring all the beautiful flowers in bloom, relishing the warm sunshine on my (pale winter) skin and listening to bird song much more attentively than usual. Having to queue at the supermarket is also something that I'm doing my best to appreciate as it's forcing me to be more patient (not my strong suit!) and meal plan better.

Spring is a time of new beginnings; perhaps there will be some new beginnings in our routines and behaviours that stick well beyond the end of this crisis.  Normally I don't keep a gratitude diary - in my mind, I'm too busy living life to stop to write about it - but a few days ago I gave it a go and found myself easily finding 10 things to be grateful for that day. So now there is a jar in the middle of the kitchen table where we each get to write down what we are grateful for. What are your new beginnings? 

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