• Caroline

Is TRX Pilates on steroids?!

TRX Training UK are currently doing a FREE online suspension training course. If you are a personal trainer (or physio/osteopath) looking to add something highly beneficial to your clients’ fitness regime (or your own), I can highly recommend it.

I had only tried TRX a couple of times in the past and I learnt so much on the course. For me, TRX is like Pilates on steroids so a great way to safely mobilise and strengthen your entire body, keeping your core engaged throughout. Kind on your joints and plenty of progressions and regressions for beginners and athletes alike. Wow!

In these Covid-19 times when many of us are in even more sedentary and hunched-over positions, some exercises on a TRX will go a long way towards looking after your body - today and into the future. I will be adding the TRX to my personal training sessions with mums very soon!

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