• Caroline

Making exercise fun!

If you watch how children play, they move their bodies A LOT - they climb, jump and skip with ease. As adults, many of us have lost this ability. Too many hours spent at desks throughout school and university, followed by perhaps a sedentary desk job as well as time spent at the kitchen table and on the sofa in front of the TV mean that we no longer have the same mobility nor the muscle strength to do this anymore. And maybe not our childlike attitude either!

But I do believe that the more we are encouraged to move as children and young adults, the more likely we are to continue this into adulthood and into our latter years. My children love to watch me exercise and often copy what I do. If I want them to take away one thing from that it's that it feels GREAT to move our bodies in any shape or form and have fun along the way.

So the next time you're with your little one at the playground, try balancing on a log, do a handstand against a tree or give the monkey bars a go - it's more fun than just standing around and it'll keep you warm too!


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