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  • Caroline

My tops tips to get through lockdown for working mums

1. Get up before the kids and do something nice for yourself (eg meditate, have a cup of nourishing tea, read your favourite book)

2. Go outside for fresh air as soon as possible

3. Exercise every day even if it’s in small doses

4. Focus on helping your children with key subjects only - doing fewer things but doing them well will pay off

5. Get your children away from the screen during every break-time and get them moving! They are missing out on so much everyday movement including going to/from school, games, PE and after-school activities which is not ideal for their growing bodies

6. Share the home schooling load with your partner: regardless of work patterns, homeschooling your own children is hard work so it shouldn't automatically fall on you, even if you work fewer hours than your partner

7. Phone a friend - humans are built for connection (yes, even us introverts) and doing this all on your own will be detrimental to your mental health

8. Lower your expectations as unrealistic expectations are often the source of added stress in what is already a stressful situation

9. Take things one day at a time and don't give up on yourself

10. Plan a real treat for yourself once this is over! What would you add to this list? #workingmums #mondaymotivation #mumpreneur #homeschooling #mentalhealth #mentalhealthtipsforworkingmums #dontgiveup #covid19life #londonlockdown #thirdlockdown #chiswickmums #westlondonmums #wellbeingformums #selfcaretipsformums

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