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Postnatal A-Z: G for Glutes

My postnatal A-Z continues today with G for Glutes.

Glutes are important muscles in the body for many reasons and they become even more important for new mums.

When the glutes are working well, anything from standing and walking to running and jumping becomes easier. If the glutes aren't doing their job, the hamstrings may feel the strain.

There are many exercises that work the glutes such as squats, lunges, hip hinges, side lunges, skaters and bridges. Just remember to actually squeeze the glutes so that you can feel the muscles working!

In new mums, the entire posterior chain - the back body - is weaker and this includes the glutes. One of the smaller glute muscles - gluteus medius - helps to stabilise the pelvis which is an important job in the early postnatal period.

Exercises that work this muscle include clams (side-lying exercises on the mat) and monster walks (with a resistance band).

In this video I'm demonstrating a few glute exercises on all 4s which are also helpful as they work the core in addition to the glutes.

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