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Postnatal A-Z: K for Kindness

In a world where you can be anything, be kind to yourself. 🙏 Kindness starts at home. Because if you cannot be kind to yourself, how can you be kind to others?

Many decades ago, I would be drawn to people who were interested and interesting, fiercely intelligent, witty and well-travelled. But it’s interesting how the passing of time can change us. I still value those qualities but these days what I notice more in people is kindness.

It’s a universal quality but one that is often underestimated. It’s also one that I would like to pass on to my children although I haven’t always been particularly kind to myself nor my children during lockdown. But I am working on that. 😀

Children (as well as adults) rarely remember what we say or what we do but they always remember how we make them feel. Kindness goes a long way to making them feel better about themselves, and the same goes for us. Be kind to yourself and the world. ❤️🖤

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