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Postnatal A-Z: T for Thankful

Today's Postnatal A-Z is T for Thankful. My oldest daughter wanted me to write Treat for T but I think we can combine the two, as being thankful for what we have is surely a treat. In today's fast-paced, roller-coaster world where so much is done via computer screens or mobile phones, how often do we take a couple of minutes out of our day to express gratitude?

Studies show that the more we practise gratitude, the happier and less stressed we feel. When we express gratitude, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin which immediately makes us feel better. That is a powerful thing!

Some of the repetitive chores that come with motherhood - cleaning, cooking, washing up, doing the laundry, stepping on lego, putting away lego, changing nappies, wiping snot - can leave mums feeling drained and numb. It is then perhaps even more important to stop and smell the roses and take in all the positives of motherhood.

I like the idea of writing down 3 things I'm grateful for each day but sometimes it can be a verbal thanks instead. As long as you take in the words and let them work their way into your heart ❤️

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