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Postnatal A-Z: W for Wow moments!


I am coming up to the last few letters of my Postnatal A-Z. I would like to dedicate W to Wow moments.

It’s so important to be thankful for what you have (see my earlier post) but in my view, it’s equally important to live a life filled with lots of little - and big - WOW moments.

Appreciating your baby’s first smile and giggle, taking pride in your child’s first few steps, stopping to watch a beautiful sunset or rainbow, as well as travelling the world to take in the many amazing cultures, people and sights that exist.

I’ve been to some pretty special places and those moments - when you reach Machu Picchu at dawn or stand beside the Christ statue in Rio or dive the Great Barrier Reef - are forever etched in my memory. And equally, holding my baby’s tiny hand in mine or watching my girls sing Hakuna matata at full belt are priceless.

Last weekend I went back on a horse galloping across the hills and enjoying the gorgeous views that you can see in this photo - this is a wow moment for me and one that makes me live in the moment and truly saviour it. So stop scrolling and look (up) for your next one!

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