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Returning to fitness post-baby

A few of my social media followers have asked me for guidance on returning to exercise post-baby. If you're currently pregnant, there is a lot of work that you can do now, especially on your pelvic floor (more on that in a separate post), to prevent some common issues and/or recover better post-birth.

Here is some general postnatal advice; please note that each mum's postnatal recovery is highly individual and often not linear. How much she exercised pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and what kind of birth she had will make a difference. What she eats, how well she sleeps (!) and her overall wellbeing also all have a huge impact. The average rule is 9 or so months in, 9 or so months out. 0-6 weeks: gentle walks, pelvic tilts, breathing, pelvic floor exercises, and re-connecting the breath with the abdominals and pelvic floor 7-12 weeks: core restore, focusing on the above plus adding lighter low-impact exercises such as bridges, clams and back extensions, building in standing exercises that work the posterior chain such as deadlifts (using bodyweight or resistance band), rows and split squats 13-24 weeks: building on the strength gained in the previous phase, you can add lighter weights, then high-impact work towards the middle/end of the phase if your pelvic floor feels strong and your body is supporting you well. *Some mums will be able to return to high-impact work sooner but this should be under the supervision of a women's health physio. 6-9 months: many mums will notice a real difference by now, others take longer to regain full strength. Sub-optimal breathing, flared ribs, tight upper abs, weak lower abs and the position of your pelvis will slow down your progress. The pelvic floor can take six months of consistent, quality work to recover. Some mums may have postnatal symptoms such as abdominal separation, prolapse or stress incontinence several years after giving birth. It's never too late to improve so don't be disheartened. With time, effort and commitment on your part and with the helping hand of a women's health professional, be that a physio or a trainer, you should be able to fully enjoy your body again. You are welcome to join Buggyfit from 6-8 weeks postpartum once you've had your GP check-up. #postnatalrecovery #postnatalrecoverytimeline #postnatalissues #abdominalseparation #stressincontinence #womenstrainer #womenshealthspecialist #postnataltrainer #postnatalspecialist #prenataltrainer #prenatalspecialist #buggyfitmums #buggyfitchiswick #postnatalstrength #postnatalworkout #chiswickw4 #westlondonmums

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