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Ten benefits of Buggyfit for expectant and new mums

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Most of us know that exercise is important for a myriad of health reasons - physical as well as mental. But are there specific reasons why exercise (such as Buggyfit group classes) can be helpful for pregnant women and postnatal mums? Absolutely! Read on to learn more.

1.IMPROVE WELL-BEING & REDUCE PHYSICAL PAIN: Moving your body during pregnancy and right up to birth can help to improve circulation and reduce common aches including lower back pain and swelling in the legs and feet. This in turn will increase your overall well-being as well as promote better sleep.

2.REDUCE ADDITIONAL WEIGHT GAIN: By exercising throughout pregnancy, you’ll be able to minimise any additional weight gain above what you would normally expect to gain to account for your growing baby. This in turn has further health benefits such as reduced risk of gestational diabetes.

3.CREATE A MIND-BODY CONNECTION: Learning to breathe optimally - taking mindful inhalations through the nose and into the ribs, back and abdomen, and exhalations through your mouth - to reduce tension in your body and connecting your breath to your pelvic floor will help to prepare your body for birth as well as strengthen it after birth.

4.RESTORE STRENGTH & BALANCE IN THE BODY: Exercising in the postnatal period is about regaining strength as well as balance in your muscles: strengthening the ones that got weaker during pregnancy (for example your core including the pelvic floor, back, calves and glutes); and releasing tension in the ones that got shorter or tighter (for example chest and hip flexors). By focusing on good posture and alignment - and strengthening your body from the inside out - your body will thank you later.

5.FOCUS ON WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOUR BODY: Tuning in to your body and doing exercise that is good for it means focusing on low-impact, full-body functional exercises that strengthen you in a safe and effective way. Doing low-impact cardio is great; running a marathon less so! It also means honouring how you're feeling on the day - on some days you'll have more energy to exercise whilst on other days you may just need to take a child's pose or have a lie-down on the sofa.

6.BE WELL-LOOKED AFTER BY A QUALIFIED TRAINER*: By attending an exercise class designed specifically for you and delivered by a qualified trainer, you can rest assured that you’re doing exercises that support your body's stage, be that at eight months' pregnant or two months' postpartum. Buggyfit trainers have connections to women's health physios and others whose services you may also require due to abdominal separation (diastasis) or prolapse for example.

7.FILL UP YOUR OWN CUP: Taking time out to look after your physical and mental well-being is vital and exercise plays a big part in this. Motherhood is a highly rewarding but also highly challenging role, and quite possibly your toughest one to date! By practising self care and filling up your own cup on a regular basis you’re more likely to be the parent that you want to be – and also enjoy the journey.

8.CONNECT WITH OTHERS: Meeting other expectant or new mums and enjoying the support of a group of mums is a big reason why Buggyfit exists. During classes you will find that others are often more than willing to share parenting advice, have a laugh or cry - whatever you’re most in need of! This will help you to feel part of your local community; remember, it takes a village!

9.BRING YOUR BABY WITH YOU: During postnatal classes your baby comes with you so that you don’t have to book a crèche or babysitter and can see to your baby’s needs while still getting a workout. This also means that you can return to exercise much sooner (from 6 weeks post-birth, provided that you have received clearance from your GP).

10.ENJOY THIS PRECIOUS TIME WHILE GETTING FRESH AIR AND VITAMIN D: Having an outdoor activity in the diary that is just for YOU during maternity leave will hopefully make you enjoy this special time in life a lot more. It will also mean getting out of the house and into nature for that all-important breath of fresh air and sunshine which we all need to stay sane and healthy. Your baby too!

If you have any questions relating to specific exercises during pregnancy or the postnatal period, feel free to comment below or contact me directly at

*I have a level 3 Pre- and Postnatal fitness qualification (Active IQ) and I am also a Certified Pre- and Postnatal Coach (Girls Gone Strong) and Buggyfit Chiswick licence holder.

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