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The power of tiny gains

Spring is here! I hope you are all feeling a little bit lighter thanks to the longer days and beautiful blossoms.

Today I would like to talk to you about the power of tiny gains. This is quite relevant to us as mothers, as we often find that we lack the time to do many things properly. Big goals and new year's resolutions can therefore feel overwhelming and with so many demands on our time, they can seem out of reach. This is where the power of a marginal improvement comes in and it applies to our health and wellbeing as well as many other areas of our lives. So forget the far-reaching goals and aim instead for many small goals and improvements that over time add up to a big goal achieved.

The best example of this in sports is of course British cycling where a 1% improvement in many many small areas made the British team go from average to Olympic gold medallists in five years. Even if you're not going for gold, take an honest look at your health and see if you can find room to make several small improvements every day over the next 12 weeks and watch the success sneak upon you. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

-Walk a few more steps each day

-Go to bed a few minutes earlier each night

-Swap one coffee for a fresh ginger tea

-Replace a portion of white carbs with an extra serving of vegetables

-Do a few more minutes of exercise each day

-Meditate for one minute longer each day

-Replace one red meat dish with a vegetarian one

-Take 10 long deep breaths every time you find your stress levels rise

-Spend five minutes less on social media each day

-Re-connect with one old friend each week

By making these tiny positive changes, you may not see overnight change but you will see a nearly 38% improvement by the end of the year. This is hopefully reassuring to you as a new mum, often wanting to lose some of the baby weight while getting stronger and feeling more energised. The reason I've included stress, sleep and nutrition in addition to exercise in the ideas is because those four work together to help us achieve optimal health.

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