• Caroline

Turning your attention to your inner child

Are you in touch with your inner child? Since lockdown, I’ve spent more time watching my children play and interact with each other. Their imagination and sense of curiosity and wonder is so inspiring and it often brings a smile to my face 😀

As adults, we tend to let our intellect and adult self lead the way most of the time. This is obviously often helpful and needed, but sometimes we forget to also acknowledge our inner child and to meet her needs.

What does your inner child need today? Perhaps she wants a loving hug or perhaps she wants to do a silly dance on top of the dining table. Maybe she feels that her creative side is being neglected and yearns to paint with water colours. Maybe she just needs a belly laugh! So if this week your adult, more serious self has been dominating your days, maybe see if you can let your inner child come out to play for a bit.

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