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Videoing yourself to improve form and technique

Do you ever video yourself while exercising and watch the replay? I've done this a few times while horse riding (specifically showjumping). Someone would take a video and I would watch the replay to better understand where my form and technique could be improved. I would then get back in the saddle to try to apply what I had just seen and learnt.

A good instructor or trainer will give the same teaching points told in several different ways until the message is received. However, there are days when we are too tired or simply not able to take in the information, no matter how well it is given to us. Or perhaps you are more of a visual learner, in which case a photo or a video of yourself moving through an exercise will give you really helpful clues as to how the different parts of your body are moving together.

A few considerations for postnatal mums:

-How well are you breathing? Is all the air going into your belly and down into your pelvic floor or are you able to breathe laterally into your ribs as well as into your back? By spreading the air pressure more evenly, the abdominal separation will heal and there will be less downward pressure on the pelvic floor.

-Are your ribs flaring? Keeping your ribs down will also help to reduce any abdominal separation.

-Are you tucking your pelvis under or sticking your bum out (posterior versus anterior pelvic tilt)? Aim for a neutral S-curved spine unless the specific exercise calls for something different (eg some core exercises in Pilates).

Other things I notice in mums are knees turning in and knees overshooting the ankles during squats which is common. As mums get stronger and regain proprioception - awareness of their bodies and movement in space - this usually improves. Until then, cues such as taking the weight into the heels and keeping the knee in line with the second and third toe help.

If you are a new mum and would like help with any of the above or something else that is going on with your postnatal body, do please get in touch with me at hello@mamaste-fitness.com. I run three Buggyfit classes a week for new mums as well as personal training sessions if you would prefer a tailor-made programme.

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