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When did you last use a foam roller?

I have a love-hate relationship with the foam roller which is why I keep coming back for more 😀

I recently advised one of my mums to use one as she experienced a lot of tight muscles which were stopping her from activating those same muscles during some of the exercises.

If you work out a lot or sit hunched forward over a kitchen table or desk all day long, a foam roller is a simple yet effective way of relieving muscle tension and mobilising fascia (hence the term myofascial release).

Ideally, you would foam roll any tight spots prior to working out as well as afterwards in order to release tension so that the muscles can properly activate, prevent injury and aid recovery. What are typical tight spots? Upper back, lats, hip flexors, calves and glutes can get tight. If you’ve been doing a lot of squats and lunges those quads might also need some attention. In runners, the IT band along your outer thighs as well as one of the hip flexors (TFL) can get notoriously tight. Get started by rolling backwards and forwards a few times on an area of your body until you find a tight spot and just hold it there for circa 30 seconds or until you feel a release. Keep breathing throughout and do try to smile so that you don’t create unnecessary tension in the jaw as you might not want to use a foam roller there 😀 Remember, although you shouldn’t feel any pain, this can be quite uncomfortable but the more you do it the more receptive your muscles become and the more easily they release. I can’t wait to have a sports massage again once lockdown is over but in the meantime, the foam roller is my best friend 😀

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