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When it comes to exercise, little & often does it

We are (hopefully!) more than half-way through this second lockdown. I hope you are doing ok and finding some time to move your body every day. For some of us, exercise is about working out hard for an hour or so on a regular basis. But then motherhood and little babies come along and it's not always so easy to get that hour to ourselves. Cue the concept of little & often! This is also helpful when not only is it hard to find the time but also the energy to exercise.

Short bursts of exercise eg pelvic floor lifts while brushing your teeth, squats while waiting for the kettle to boil or getting on an outdoor exercise equipment while your child plays next to you all count towards the total amount of movement you do throughout the week.

This will help to keep your body supple and mobile which can reduce aches & pains and also give you better posture. Moreover, it will get you fitter in the long-run compared to being sedentary during the week (especially those of you who have returned to office jobs) and then going for a single run on the weekend.

Don't think that a few minutes here and there can make a difference? Try it for a couple of weeks and let me know how you feel. Getting your sweat on will release feel-good endorphins and many of us could probably do with those a few times a day right now. If your pelvic floor is strong enough, you can try skipping but please don't do that if you've recently given birth. I'm a big fan of boxing as I find it focuses the mind while getting the heart rate up (best from six months postpartum onwards when your pelvic floor and abdominals are stronger). A word of warning: little & often may make you addicted to exercise!

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