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Why on earth would you spend money on a Personal Trainer?

Plenty of people ask this question so I thought it would be interesting to dive deeper to see when and why it might be worth it.

PERSON A: Used to be active and fit but a sedentary desk job and no exercise has left them with a few kilos too many, several postural issues and aches & pains in the lower back, knees and ankles. A good PT can point out what is causing these issues and suggest ways to bring the body back into balance. It's sometimes hard to see or admit to problems in ourselves and it can be even harder to correct them without some guidance. Being able to reverse and/or prevent more serious physical problems further down the road is often money well spent.

PERSON B: Has two young children and a busy job. They know they feel better when they exercise but struggle with time and motivation. A good PT can help to programme varied sessions to help them discover the joy and motivation to work out. Shorter bursts of exercise such as HIIT might work better for this person or getting them to do a few exercises while at the playground with their children on the weekend to save time.

PERSON C: Has recently had a baby and is feeling tired and achy. They used to exercise before pregnancy but don't know where to start nor which exercises are safe for them to do. They worry that their core will never be strong enough again to handle all the lifting and carrying that comes with having a child. Few books or tutorials prepare mums for the changes to their bodies but it is possible to rebuild the body with time and patience. This is where it can be helpful to see a PT who is qualified to teach postnatal exercise and who understands how sleep, stress and diet affect progress.

Do you recognise yourself in any of the above? Or maybe your story is completely different but you've had a PT in the past simply because it felt great to have someone cheering you on, someone who made you accountable and who knew when to push and when to pull back.

If you would like a free 30-minute consultation to discuss whether I could help you with your goals or pain points, get in touch at hello@mamaste-fitness.com.

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