Do you want to work out while pregnant but don’t know where to start or what to do/not to do?

Exercising throughout pregnancy has so many benefits: reduced aches & pains, reduced swelling, lower risk of getting gestational diabetes, less weight gain, preparation of the abdominals and pelvic floor for birth etc. 

Research also shows that staying physically active during pregnancy often reduces the chance of an instrumental delivery and can speed up the recovery post-birth. I could go on but hopefully you get the point that it’s great for your pregnant body to move!

Unless there are specific reasons (contraindications) to why you shouldn’t exercise while pregnant, here are some general considerations:

✅ Do fewer reps 

✅ Keep hydrated

✅ Stick to an intensity of 50-70%

✅ Pay attention to your form and alignment 

✅ Avoid jerky movement and closed twists

✅ Engage your core including your transversus and pelvic floor muscles

✅ Keep breathing 

>> I'm no longer running my Prenatal Fitness class, however you are welcome to book a 1-1 or 2-1 coaching session with me instead.

"I started my pre-natal fitness journey with Caroline at 6months pregnant, and it was the best decision I made. Up until then I had barely done any exercise pre-pregnancy and I realised I needed to make a lifestyle change. Caroline was fantastic...every session was really enjoyable and varied, and specifically focused on strengthening my body and preparing it for birth and recovery post birth. She shared her extensive knowledge about each exercise and the benefits of it, as well as carefully monitored my form to ensure I was performing each exercise correctly and safely. She adapted to my pace and ability, as well as focused on various muscles and stretches when I had certain pain. I left each session really feeling good. I cannot recommend Caroline enough!" - Brigette, mum of 2

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Resources for new mums

One of the best things about being a new mum these days is that there is a WEALTH of helpful resources out there - from online education to books and practitioners. Below is a selection of LOCAL help and I'll be adding to this on an ongoing basis:

Women's health physios:

Tracey Matthews and team at White Hart Clinic

Caroline Wright at Hogarth Centre

Jade Rodham at Chiswick Physio

Mummy MOT - Maria Elliott and Tara Scott at One Body Clinic

Marta Kinsella at Beyond Health

NCT practitioner:

Claire Maguire at Babies with Claire

Baby massage/baby yoga/sling support:

Caroline Barber at West London Babies

Breastfeeding support:

Rachel Bryant at Chiswick Breastfeeding Support

Chiswick Children's Centre:

9 Devonshire Street, W4

Children's Wellness Centre:

A range of activities for children as well as speech therapy, therapy and nutrition


Michelle Walsh at New Body and Soul

Caroline Lamont at Great In Great Out