Empowering the female body

In my 20s and early 30s I was into running and later yoga. I felt good and never thought I needed any other form of exercise. Then I had children and got into Pilates as a form of postnatal rebab. By the time I hit my 40s I realised that STRENGTH training is probably the most important component of training that the female body needs.

As women we lose muscle mass as well as bone density as we age and the best way to combat this is to incorporate strength training, be that using our own bodyweight (hello push-ups and pull-ups), resistance bands (oh so versatile) or free weights (think dumbbells and kettlebells). 

Strength training is also an effective form of training as we tend to work harder during shorter time periods. Coupled with a bit of high-intensity cardio, we condition the body and achieve amazing results. Hence my Strength & Conditioning class which is the perfect follow-on from Buggyfit or for when your postnatal body is stronger and you are ready to challenge it further.

Wednesdays: 10am (Chiswick House)

Fridays: 9am (Ravenscourt Park)

*Pre-booking essential

Strength class under the arches June 2021.jpg