"I can’t recommend Caroline and her sessions enough. I began them approximately three months after my second child, and really wish I’d begun them after the first! Her knowledge, passion and good humour make for fun sessions which are differentiated to provide great levels of challenge, taking into account the needs of each individual. I love getting my sweat on in these classes and am so grateful Caroline is running them virtually during this pandemic."

Deborah Mary, mum of 2


"Caroline is a stellar trainer! She is very knowledgeable and experienced, works really well with people and understands very well her trainees individual needs. She knows when to challenge more and when to have a more relaxing session. Great for both in person individual and group sessions but also for remote zoom sessions. I highly recommend her!"

Stela, mum of 2


“Caroline is the best! She is so patient and understanding when you need to spend the first 30 minutes feeding/settling and gave me exercises to do with baby so I didn’t miss out.  Her empathy is incredible and the workout is tailored to each mumma and her stage of recovery PP.  Definitely recommend!”

Polly, mum of 1


” I genuinely think all mums would benefit from buggyfitting after having a baby – mentally and physically – and having now trained with Caroline, it’s very clear that she is qualified and sensitive to the best and safest way to gets new mums fit and strong again.”

Joanne, mum of 2


“Caroline’s Buggyfit classes are fab! Caroline is very knowledgeable in well-being and fitness around pregnancy/postpartum. Being outside for a workout feels great! Meeting other Mums and kids in this setting is fun, I have always come away feeling motivated and energised.”

Monique, mum of 1


“I’ve been coming to Buggyfit since my baby was 8 weeks old and it’s been fantastic.  Caroline is very knowledgeable about postpartum exercise and makes the classes really fun.  I’ve met lots of lovely mums too.  I’d definitely recommend to any new mums out there!”

Alicia, mum of 1


“Buggyfit is so much fun- I highly recommend trying it!  You get a great sense of achievement after exercising outside whatever the weather and it’s lovely to meet other local and like-minded mums.  Caroline is so warm and welcoming and makes every effort to keep the classes varied and Interesting.  She is also very knowledgeable and always suggests variations for each exercise to take into account all abilities and different stages of post-natal recovery.”

Claire, mum of 2


“I love Buggyfit!  I started going when my baby was about 3 months old and it was absolutely perfect for starting to strengthen my body.  I had previously been a long-distance cyclist and runner, but after giving birth I had to start all the way from the beginning to build up strength and fitness.  Caroline is amazing and really knows the right exercises to do this without risk of injury or strain”

Naomi, mum of 1


“Really enjoyed the class, it’s a great workout, babies had fun outdoors and Caroline is motivating and very knowledgeable! Will be back next week!”

Sophia, Mum of 3


“I’m massively grateful to Caroline for providing sessions during the pandemic.  She’s exceptionally knowledgeable and effectively differentiates exercises.  I feel both confident of her expertise and motivated.  Absolutely loving it!!”

Alex, mum of 1


"Buggyfit is amazing! I would highly recommend it to any mum. Exercise post pregnancy is a little daunting but Caroline is so knowledgeable and very welcoming. I always leave feeling energised and happy! I really look forward to my weekly outdoor exercise."

Angela, mum of 2


"I've been attending Caroline's Buggyfit classes for the last few months with my son who will be six months old this weekend. I remember those first few classes were like breathing life back into me. It was so glorious to be outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, feeling those endorphins after such a long time surrounded by like-minded new mums. Caroline has helped me return to fitness and I go for my mental health as much as the physical. I'd also recommend going with your NCT Group as it's a great reason to catch up each week and have a coffee together afterwards. Thank you Caroline!"

Georgina, mum of 1


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